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What You Need To Know About Online Sales

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How To Buy & Deliver?
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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About Online Sales

Is it possible to buy a wedding dress without coming to your store?

Of course you can buy a wedding dress without coming to our store. Please, take a look to our “How To Buy & Deliver” document and video above. Also you can fill the “I Want To Buy The Dress Online” form above, our fashion consultants will contact you as soon as possible.

How many days can I deliver my wedding dress?

All our online sales, our delivery time is 30 days, including shipping period.

What about sizes? Will the wedding dress fit my size?

Yes sure. Fitting is one of our most important topics both in our online sales and store sales. You can buy the wedding dress you like with the international standard sizes and you can also buy it by customizing it with your detailed measurements. Our design team recommends that you customize your wedding dress with your exact measurements for perfect fit. How to get your detailed measurements is given in the “ How To Measure?” video and the “Measurement Chart” document above. Please also take a look to the “International Sizes“ document for standard sizes.